danny mcbride

As the son of a Special Agent for the Naval Investigative Service, Danny McBride grew up in Florida, Hawaii, Panama’, Guam and the Philippines. His time spent in the tropics fostered within him a deep appreciation for the ocean and he spent much of his time night diving, fishing, discovering WWII artifacts and exploring the jungle. 


That said, movies, music, novels, and nonfiction historical works were also vitally important to him. After a stint as a diver in San Diego, he moved to the big meat grinder (Los Angeles) to pursue a career in entertainment. After playing in numerous bands (he was one of twelve bass players asked to audition for Metallica… but he went to Hawaii to visit his family instead), he discovered that the film industry actually paid and fed their employees. This was eye opening… and stomach filling. 


After getting into stunt work, word got around that he actually knew how to use a computer, so he ended up preparing stunt budgets and breakdowns, including several for Quentin Tarantino. This job required him to read screenplays so it was natural that he would want to take a stab at writing one himself.


He optioned his second attempt and landed an agent at ICM. Then, after years of struggling and working just about every type of on set job, he sold two projects in one week: Underworld, which went on to become a franchise and Black Chapter, which sold to Disney, with Antoine Fuqua attached to direct. 


Danny traveled to Hungary for the production of Underworld, did rewrites on set, helped produce, and directed splinter and second unit. That first movie opened at number one at the box-office, as did the second film, Underworld: Evolution. Danny wrote the first three films of the five-film franchise, which has grossed over a billion dollars with box-office and DVD sales. 


Since Underworld, Danny has spent most of his time writing drama for premiere cable. He has sold three pilots to HBO, two to AMC, and two to Fox/FTVS, and has been fortunate enough to work with Dreamworks, Image Movers, Sony, and talented producers such as Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad, Rainman) and Cary Brokaw (The Player, Shortcuts).


Danny currently has a pilot at AMC studios called Five Kings and has been working with Alex Popov to produce and direct teasers for the four projects they have written in partnership. He is very much looking forward to directing an episode of Black Veil in partnership with Dan Myrick, Jeffrey Reddick, Tom McLaughlin and Kristian Kremple.  


It should be noted that this Danny McBride did NOT play Kenny Powers on East Bound & Down. That is the comedic actor. MTV ran an expose entitled “Danny McBride vs Danny McBride.” Yes, there are two Danny McBrides but since Underworld Danny was a member of SAG, the WGA and the DGA before the comedian, he has refused to change his name. He has emphatically stated that if Kenny Powers wants to complain, he (Underworld Danny) would be happy to settle things The Fist/Foot Way. ; )

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