alex popov

Ever since migrating from the USSR, at 19, Alex has tirelessly worked towards realizing his creative potential. His journey has required him to wear a multitude of interdisciplinary hats: motion graphics designer, 3d artist, cinematographer, VFX artist, FX compositor and director. As an award winning VFX artist, Alex has worked on a wide array of music videos, commercials, TV series and films. 


2006 Alex moved to CA, working first in the visual and graphic effects heavy world of video games as an editor and VFX artist for Silent Hill, WWE vs RAW, and Medal of Honor. Later, he worked for Disney interactive (Frozen, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Commander, Cinderella), which led to bigger projects for Paramount, Universal, and Fox (Terminator Genesis, Transformers Age of extinction, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Wolf of Wall Street, Jack Ryan, Avengers: Infinity War). 

With the rapid expansion of new and exciting VFX tools available to contemporary filmmakers, Alex is always testing waters for the new, exciting ways to tell his Stories!

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