About the contest

Is being in lock-down driving you crazy? Well, now you can take
some of that pent up energy and put it to good use...by making a movie! We're looking for super creative, short horror films that can showcase the "creepy" side of being stuck at home. Use your imagination, resourcefulness and vision to impress our group of
esteemed judges and you just might come away with something
other than Ramen noodle breath and a bad haircut. We're talking
cold, hard cash!   


Some of the biggest names in horror will be checking out your work!


Rule 1

One location

All 'live action' filming to be done in a single, geographical area, home or residence. Both interiors and exteriors can be used, but they must be within the same vicinity of your 'lock down' location. This does not apply to VFX, stop-action or any computer generated material.

The point is to use your quarantine restrictions as inspiration, not limitation.

Rule 2

Runtime 10 min.

Pretty self explanatory, but keep the maximum run time to no more than ten minutes.  This includes credits (main and end), spinning, 3D company logos, inspirational quotes, outtakes, etc.  Get to the meat of the matter right off the bat, (see what I did there?).

Rule 3

The Phrase

For additional 'bonus points', your submission should incorporate the phrase, "Lock-down Blues", (title not included), either verbally or visually in some creative way. It could be as simple as a line of dialog incorporated in the script or a visual cue that resides like an unassuming "easter egg" in a shot. The more creative the better! 

Rule 4


Oh, yeah, deadlines. In this case, that fateful day is December 31st, 2021.  Submit your work to the link below, you'll be notified if you're in contention, then definitely notified if you make the final three!  There is no limit to the amount of submissions you can have as long as they're different content, so let the gore begin!


First prize $1,000
Second prize $750
Third prize $500

submit your video here!